A Dietitian’s Dallas Dining: Fast Casual

In this season of life, convenience is key. And, healthy convenience feels like a golden ticket! These healthy fast casual spots are a game-changer during a week when I don’t want to eat what I’ve cooked or my fridge has gotten a little too scarce. Whoops!

Five Best Healthy Fast Casuals

  1. Malibu Poke –  I like to go for a half kale, half cauliflower rice base. Sashimi on top and the macadamia nut topping. Add edamame for extra protein if you’re feeling it! Malibu Poke has a delicious aioli sauce that is Whole30 compliant (& marked as such!). 
  2. Flower Child – More often than not, I get the salmon plate with brussel sprouts, spinach and/or sweet potato. I always use the Plate meal to get a Protein + 1 veggie + 1 starch. Once in awhile, I’ll switch it up with the glow bowl + chicken.
  3. Chop Shop – Power bowl, no cheese with chicken or the ABC toast and fresh green ginger juice. The green chili tofu over cauliflower rice is also delicious and a great way to try tofu. 
  4. CAVA – BYO Bowl: greens base (ask for a heavy hand), roasted veggies or sweet potatoes, chicken or lamb, slaw, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled red onions, hummus and skhug.
  5. Up Inspired Kitchen  – Chicken on the Power Salad, no cranberries. OR, the in-house made turkey burger on a lettuce wrap with a side of roasted broccoli. 

In addition to these health-conscious restaurants, make sure and read up on where to get the best plant-based meals in Dallas, many of which fall into the list above. 

Whether you’re new to Dallas, looking to improve blood sugar, improve your eating habits, or just want a new restaurant to try, this list is an epic resource! Listen to your body and trust your intuition, if your body is telling you to order a salad, order a salad, if your body is saying save room for dessert, save room for dessert. Your body is a gift, nourish it accordingly. 

What are some of your favorite healthy restaurants in Dallas? Leave your recommendations in the comments and let’s grab lunch! 

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