A Dietitian’s Dallas Dining Guide; BBQ + Tex-Mex

As a Pacific Northwest-er turned Texan, you can only imagine my shock when I discovered the difference in the fish tacos. If you don’t want it deep-fried and covered in creamy slaw, speak up! That first year was a big learning curve. Queso, taquitos, catfish; Texas cuisine is it’s own genre for a good reason!

Five Best Classic “Texas” Focused Restaurants 

Tex-Mex is one of the hardest options for healthful eating. There I said it. For both Tex-Mex and BBQ; you can’t forget your veggies! Get the side of fajita veggies or cabbage slaw to start with a fiber punch. And watch for sneaky sugars; that sweet bbq sauce and mambo taxis (frozen margaritas!). And, don’t forget to enjoy yourself! If you’re ordering a margarita because it sounds delicious, great, consider swapping out your carb-heavy entree of enchiladas for a fajita salad, instead.

  1. Mi Cocina – Start with Ceviche or guacamole. But ask for a side of cucumber for dipping to get some extra veggies in! Fajita dishes are an easy option to get in protein, but the pollo moderno is my usual order here, or the rico salad without cheese (salsa or guac as dressing). 
  2. Mesero – Start with guac or ceviche, ask for cucumbers to dip. Call ahead and ask for the Crispy Half Chicken – trust me. Or, the Corazon salad with an added protein.
  3. Smoky Rose Starters: smoked chicken wings, pork belly burnt ends. Entree: half chicken or smoked turkey with smoky rose slaw and side salad. The garlic green beans sounded good, but I personally wasn’t a fan! 
  4. Taco Deli –  Start with the guacamole; it has so much cilantro, yum! Ensalada taco deli no cheese, add avocado and pico. The Mexico City or Mojo Salmon tacos on corn tortillas, no cheese. Start with chips and guacamole, not queso. 
  5. Standard Service Start with the crispy Thai brussel sprouts (light sauce), Market Fish or Olive Oil Roasted Salmon. They’re also right down the street from Botolino Gelato, where you can finish date night off with some dairy-free chocolate or lemon sorbet. 


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