What is Bioenergetic Testing? Balanced Health Bioresonance testing

 Bioenergetic testing and bioresonance scanningBioenergetic testing and bioresonance scanning may provide answers for you that a blood test, can’t! Ever feel a little overwhelmed from all that routine blood work? Although I love using routine labs to trend my patient’s health metrics, I also understand that it’s not the most enjoyable process. I was immediately intrigued by a minimally-invasive and affordable option arise in the world of functional nutrition.  Although at first I was skeptical, I decided to play guinea pig. This is what I do with anything new that I bring into my practice. And you know what? I was very happy with my findings! 

What exactly is Bioenergetic testing and bioresonance scanning

Balanced Health’s Bioenergetic testing provides a more holistic alternative to blood work. This bioresonance scanning is an energy test that uses samples of your hair and saliva to measure against specific toxins. Bioenergetic testing is not necessarily a form of diagnostic testing, but instead a test to find the stressed systems of the body and what the causes are. Hello, root cause! Once you purchase your scan of choice (I did the full scan), you receive a convenient collection kit in the mail for a sample of your hair and saliva. The Balanced Health team will analyze your samples and then send a detailed report to you or your practitioner. The results are sent via email within roughly 3 weeks of when the Balanced Health team receives your sample. 

Bioenergetic testing and bioresonance scanning

What data will you get from Bioenergetic Testing?

The Bioresonance scan looks at specific energetic patterns in the body and how they may be impacting the body’s ability to pull together and function correctly. Balanced Health uses your hair and saliva samples to measure your energy against specific toxins, bacterias and chemicals. They assess which ones you specifically attract and are therefore experiencing. Thousands of energetic codes will assess exactly what energy your body is resonating with. 

Want to learn more about the origin of Balanced Health and how it started, listen to the founder’s interview on The Be Organic podcast 

How Does Balanced Health Compare to Lab Work? 

Balanced Health provides a lower-cost alternative to traditional lab work. Testing hair and saliva is a much quicker and less invasive process than blood work. There are no blood draws or fecal collections; just a quick swipe of the mouth and scalp. It is important to keep in mind that Bioenergetic is a form of Complementary Alternative Medicine, meaning that it isn’t there to provide an exact medical diagnosis, but instead used to test and provide data in a more natural, non-invasive way. 

Why is this Helpful?

I found Balanced Health’s report to be really complete in it’s provision of health data analysis. The feedback provides insight on food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, hormones, amino acids, and which energy systems are the most imbalanced. Bioenergetic can lead to the correct supplementation for your body, helping to create a normal, healthy balance.  

Bioenergetic testing and bioresonance scanning

Once you send in your samples to the testing facility, you’ll then receive your results over email. You can then schedule a time to review the data with me or one of their staff members.

I set up my own consultation (with another dietitian, actually!) and was shocked by how well the results paralleled my recent lab work. The test identified ALL of the foods I already avoid due to allergies/intolerances. And some, I know, I should avoid (ahem, wine). This non-invasive test was gave me an even better picture of health with the inclusion of hormonal and nutritional imbalances! Without any blood. 

 Interested in reviewing your own systems’ performance with bioenergetic testing and bioresonance scanning?

Save $20 off any of their tests by using code whitness, as well as $5 of remedy orders through using code whitness5. Once you test it out and find out how much you love it (like I did!) you can also purchase a subscription package by using the coupon code whitnesssub for $5 off. I plan to retest in 6 months, along with redoing lab work. Let’s see how much improvement there is in the balance of my health!

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