A healthy breakfast; bento box edition

It’s me, your Bento Box Queen! I’m back with a healthy breakfast; bento style!

If you’re familiar with Whitness Nutrition at all, you know that a healthy breakfast and meal prep is my jam. It’s a great way to set yourself up for success for the week, ensuring nourishing meals are at the ready! Furthermore, it’s also a great way to start your day stress-free and save some serious cash (Does $30 per week on liquid low-protein latte breakfasts really sound that appeasing?). My go-to recommendation for patients looking for easy meal prep, a healthy breakfast, and an option that checks the VPFC box quickly, is a bento box. Building a balanced bento box is a simple and sure-fire way to achieve blood sugar bliss. Even better, they work for any meal of the day – breakfast, lunch, or even dinner on the go! First, you start with some crunchy non-starchy veggies, add in a favorite protein, scoop in a fat and finish it off with a serving of high fiber, low glycemic carbohydrates.

Wah-lah, a healthy breakfast blood sugar bliss!  

a healthy breakfast

Utilizing meal prep, specifically component meal prep, is something I teach my patients from the get go. Setting aside a few hours on Sunday will end up making your Monday through Friday a whole lot easier! Lunch is a pretty easy meal prep, as is dinner, but the meal that is often overlooked for meal prep, and the most important one of the day is BREAKFAST!  And no, your favorite sugar-laden, “low net carb”, empty calorie soy protein crisps protein bar just doesn’t make the cut. 

To start the day strong, you need to target 20-30 grams of protein at breakfast (and really, most meals). This amount of protein will keep you fueled and filled until your next meal. Additionally, making sure to incorporate complex carbs, veggie fiber and fat alongside that protein is a recipe for a great start to your day! If you’re properly nourished and your nutritional needs are met, you’re less likely to reach for that office doughnut and avoid the inevitable blood sugar crash.

So, while I’ve shared one or two breakfast bento boxes on the gram, I figured it was time to deep dive into the breakfast bento box game plan. Below you’ll find quick, nutritious and balanced bento boxes to add into your breakfast routine. And, before you come at me with veggie hate mail saying “um snap peas at breakfast? Where are my pancakes?” take a balanced beat! I know some of us can have a certain idea of what “breakfast foods” are, but I’m here to tell you that any food is a breakfast food if it’s nourishing, delicious and readily available.  Don’t be afraid to swap out your favorite fruit for some veggies and hummus, mmkay?! All food can be breakfast food. Make these to start your day with #BloodSugarBliss!

1. Waffley Good Healthy Breakfast Bento Box

breakfast bento box

I made some waffles with Birch Benders Pancake mix – add in your favorite collagen or protein powder for some added protein!  I threw in three egg cups I prepped using sauteed spinach, mushrooms and onion (from a previous dinner; clearly team no waste), topped with Everything But the Bagel seasoning, then completed the box with my favorite plain, no-sugar added greek yogurt and berries!

2. Egg-cellent Option; A Healthy Breakfast Bento Box

breakfast bento box

This protein-packed option required less prep if you buy the eggs already hard-boiled. Clearly there is no shame in that time save game! Of course you can batch prep them at home, or buy them already hard boiled. Both Vital Farms and Trader Joes make the already hard-boiled option. Follow your eggs with some snap peas for something green and crunchy, roasted potatoes as your starch and a side of Tessamae’s ranch, with a favorite fruit. Viola! A comprehensive and filling bento box breakfast is born. 

3. A healthy breakfast #3: Omelette It Be Egg-Free Bento Boxbreakfast bento box

Finally, an egg-free bento box for all you non-egg obsessed people! Equally delicious, this version is filled with chopped sausage, my favorite is the Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage from hungryRoot, sautéed with peppers and onions. This combo of flavors makes a great protein-packed, egg-free breakfast! Last but not least, I added a pack of my favorite 2Betties rounds, which contain fiber, healthy fats and no added sugar! You can get 15% off 2Betties with code WHITNESS – talk about sweet savings! 

Finally, top it off with a small apple and your favorite nut butter for some additional protein, fat and complex carbs! As for me, I might swap the apple for some carrots and hummus to break the breakfast rut – try it with me! 

Still need more VPFC combos for breakfast bento #bloodsugarbliss? Say less! Use these examples to BYOBB (build your own breakfast bento) and tag me in your prep! Just pick at least one food from each category to create your next satisfying breakfast.

Looking for more breakfast ideas? Check out my five favorite egg-free breakfast ideas on the blog or try my “I’ve got nothing in the fridge” favorite, B.T.R protein bars. I’ll pair this with a green smoothie and I’m set! 

If eating breakfast is something you chronically struggle with and you are overwhelmed with where to start on your healthy journey, schedule a call today to gain evidence-based nutritional support from a Registered Dietitian!

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