Best Baby Registry Items of 2022: Mama-Approved!

This list was created by the best; these are mama-approved by the people who actually know, in retrospect, what should be on a baby registry!

Like most things in life, I like to do extensive research before I buy. As a dietitian who spent a significant amount of time working in the hospital, NICU, labor and delivery and with gestational diabetes mamas, I’ve been given a fair share of unsolicited advice regarding babies. In addition to my experience with babies in a hospital setting, I was a nanny for 7 years (all through undergraduate and graduate school), which gave me a great amount of insight on what I actually used, found helpful, and products I absolutely hated (like snap-pajamas or delicate lacy outfits with 15 buttons.) 

Now that I’m in my second trimester of pregnancy and expecting in April, I’ve doubled-down on my Babylist registry with what I actually am going to need to succeed. Furthermore, to make myself most successful, I asked the experts; YOU! I also asked 9 of my closest mama friends who sent me blunt feedback on the items they used. If there’s anything you learn from this post it’s that onesies with snaps are never allowed, and that the bumco diaper spatula will save your life and your mani. Sooner than later, I will share my full registry. But this is a great place to start!

Now, to share the best baby registry items for first time health-conscious and minimalist mamas. Maybe it applies to more than that, but I’m just describing myself at this point. However, for fun, I also included the worst baby registry items because we need the good and the bad to really have an accurate understanding of how to succeed! 

The 7 Best Baby Registry Products  

Doona Car Seat & Stroller*

baby registry stroller

Baby Bjorn Carrier

baby registry carrier

Hatch+ Sound Machine

baby registry sound machine

Nanit Video Monitor

baby registry baby monitor

Kyte Sleep Sacks

baby registry sleep sack

Kyte Onesies

baby registry onesie

Haaka Manual Pump

baby registry manual breast pump



These were voted as awesome things to have, but they weren’t in the “absolutely, must have” game-changer list. So, I separated them into their own category!

Brumco Diaper Cream Spatula

baby registry diaper cream

Guava Lotus Portable Crib

baby registry portable crib

Uppa Baby Stroller

baby registry baby stroller

Baby Bjorn Bouncer

baby registry baby bouncer

Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs

baby registry burp cloths

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

baby registry nursing pillow


Water Wipes

baby registry baby wipes

Contigo Coffee To-Go Locking Mug

baby registry to-go coffee mug

Bottle Warmer

baby registry bottle warmer


baby registry booger tool

Dr. Brown Sterilizer Dryer

baby registry bottle sterilizer

Ergo Carrier

baby registry baby carrier


Fischer Price Piano Gym

baby registry piano play gym

Lovevery Subscription

baby registry baby toys


Tubby Todd All Over Ointment

baby registry baby ointment

Portable White Noise Machine

baby registry white noise machine


3 Items on both the BEST and WORST lists

Wipe Warmer

baby registry wipe warmer



baby registry sound machine


Snuggle Me Organic Baby Holder

baby registry baby holder


On the contrary, the items below were reviewed by mamas as the not-needed things they wished they hadn’t purchased. Do you agree?

  1. Formula mixer
  2. Mamaroo Swing
  3. Frida manual snot sucker
  4. Diaper pail
  5. Wipe warmer
  6. WubbaNub
  7. Halo swaddle
  8. Snoo bassinet
  9. Willow pump
  10. Snugapuppy swing
  11. Boppy pillow

I would love to know your thoughts, too! Is there anything I missed that made a difference for you, or something you just loathed? I’m excited to share more details about my maternity pregnancy journey as I progress (and have energy!). 

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