My mom is a biohacker. You should be too.

Last week, during an evening walk, I was sharing with my mom how amazing she was doing and how, outside of chemo, 90% of her treatments are interventions that many people pursue for health and longevity.

My mom, is essentially, a bio-hacker of life. And, you can, and perhaps, should be, too. I’m sharing the lifestyle interventions that have been a game-changer in keeping her body healthy and strong between her chemo rounds.

Although I know that each cancer journey is unique, we have already seen a reduction in tumor markers. I believe that ultimately God has her health in His hands. But, I also believe that her incredible efforts at this anti-inflammatory lifestyle is also responsible!

You have a lot of power over your health!

You are not helpless. Your food, movement, and sleep decisions – you control that. 

  • You control every morsel that goes into your mouth. The amount, the quality, the frequency. 
  • You control if you stay in a toxic job with no boundaries, or if you pursue joy at all costs. 
  • And most importantly, you control the self-talk that runs through your brain. 
  • Are you in a healing mindset or a harming one? 

Now, a list of healing interventions for anyone

  1. Ozone Insufflations; a power anti-inflammatory addition to any regimen. And, pain free.
  2. Functional Chiropractic for spinal alignment
  3. Daily Juicing to increase antioxidant load; focusing on greens!
  4. Daily Infrared Sauna; you have to sweat to detox!
  5. An annual wellness check with your doctor
  6. A daily sunshine regimen with 30 minutes of intentional movement. Bonus: get barefoot with your feet in the dirt.
  7. Filtered water (We use a Berkey)!
  8. Filtered air (We use AirDoctor)!
  9. Avoidance of fragrance, perfume, conventional makeup, plastics and toxic detergents & cleaning agents. For clean swaps, see my prior post.
  10. A plant-heavy diet without refined sugar and conventional meat. Similarly to what I focus on with all of my patients.

Please, do not just sit back and swallow the pill. Find a practitioner who supports that.

And now, for a mama update. 

She is headed into round 6 of chemotherapy this week. Her labs continue to get an “A+” scoring each week with good platelet values, hemoglobin, and white blood cell counts. Her weight has stabilized. She has been able to walk, bike ride and get more movement in this week than she has in months! She also made a delicious paleo tuna casserole this week; you could say it’s a good Friday! We are so thankful for the outpouring of your prayers and support. If you’d like to donate to any of her upcoming out of pocket costs – you can use this link (or Venmo 3608405880)


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