Get Dallas’ Healthy Low-Cal Coffee: Dietitian-Approved Picks

When you’re standing in line at Starbucks, have you asked yourself, “What are healthy coffee drinks?” Are you looking for a new healthier version of your coffee drink? Or, did you realize that your vanilla latte has twice the calories you thought and 110% of your daily added sugar goals? Master a low calorie, healthy and delicious coffee order with these recommendations. Save sugar, keep flavor, and benefit your health with these dietitian-approved coffee orders all over the DFW Dallas metroplex.

healthy dallas coffee orderswhat are the healthiest best coffee drink orders?

Do you grab coffee every morning on your way to work in Dallas? My restaurant guide was such a hit that I’m expanding into the coffee category. Clearly, my favorite category! Coffee can be loaded with sugar, soy, glitter, you name it! I have grown from a blended caramel mocha in my teenage years to really just enjoying a good strong cup of black coffee. But, espresso is near and dear to my heart, always. I was a barista at age 14 and spent most of my summer roasting coffee, blending mocha milkshakes and eventually learning someone’s coffee order just by their “drive up demeanor”. 

In Dallas, I spend many weekends trying out new coffee shops with my husband and want you to feel free to do the same while maintaining your health! It doesn’t have to be lattes and donuts every time. I have identified my favorite orders and some of the unique perks that come with each location. Enjoy!

The healthiest best coffee orders

I would make five, but honestly, I don’t have five. I’m a creature of habit. I do what I like.

  • Americano
  • Classic drip coffee.
  • Americano-misto. They steam milk on top. This is cheaper and less calories than a latte. I think that’s a win. Choose almond milk or coconut milk. Nix the sweeteners and added sugar, but feel free to add cinnamon or cocoa powder. 
  • Cold Brew. But I hate nitro. That level of carbonation just ruins my stomach. Anyone else? Usually cold brew is less acidic but more caffeinated and is the perfect combination for a busy day!
  • Cortado – for latte drinks, this is a better option. Instead of 75% milk, it’s 50% which makes it less carbohydrates, less calories, but more flavor!

so, what are the highest calorie, unhealthiest worst coffee orders?

if you’re currently ordering one of the following drinks, it’s time to rethink your order. I’ve give you suggestions that are lower calorie, lower in sugar, and overall better for you.

  1. white chocolate mocha – instead, try a half-sweet white chocolate americano with steamed milk.
  1. oat milk latte – instead, try a non fat latte, or an almond milk latte. Oat milk is the highest calorie, highest carbohydrate milk on the market. 
  2. vanilla breve –  A breve is made with half and half which adds up quickly in calories and saturated fat. Instead, try a half regular regular latte, to slice the calories in half.
  3. caramel machiatto – instead, try a half sweet almond milk latte with a swirl of caramel on top! 

need more help swapping out your go-tos for healthier options? book a discovery call and work with me as your dietitian! best coffee drinks for blood sugar

my favorite Dallas Coffee Shops for healthy coffee drinks

Best Cold Brew

  • Berkeley’s Market – Hit this shop during off hours. The morning line is insane. But, it’s also a fabulous patio for people watching. The wine tastings never stop. I love grabbing a Poppi to go here, or Alyssa’s healthy cookies to pair with my coffee, or a bag of Miracle Milkookies for my new mom friends.
  • Unrefined Bakery– They use cold brew ice cubes, too! No dilution. That is my kind of solution. Obviously a ginger molasses cookie is a must have pairing.\

Best Americano

  • Merit Coffee – This is a Stuart house favorite. We walk to one of their locations on the weekend and the coffee is thoughtfully done. They have a “hippie bar” of nuts, seeds and dried fruit that I’m in the process of trying to DIY. It’s great with an Americano. I do think they have the nicest dog-loving staff, too!
  • Drip Coffee – Although the employees here are really hit and miss (some know my order and others glare as I walk in), the coffee is hand’s down the best in town. My americano here is always perfectly made with an unsweetened almond milk (hard to find that in Dallas!) and very low acid. The Lover’s location is perfectly cozy in the afternoons but the morning feels like Wall Street.
  • Sip Stir Coffee – This shop has the perfect sleepy coffee shop vibe and the staff. Try an iced almond milk latte or americano here. I’ll grab a bag of almond when I’m here.

best coffee shop orders in DFWBest drip Coffee

  • LDU I am obsessed with the coffee from this Australian shop. Probably because it reminds me of our honeymoon in New Zealand. Everyone here is also so nice and they don’t offer wifi to encourage chattiness; love! I order a boss here (iced cortado) and an almond magic in the winter (a cortado with almond milk). They are smaller drinks, and more expensive, but it feels fullfilling and worthwhile for the quality of the coffee and the experience. Plus, you can order ahead on the app and they are freaky fast.
  • Ascension – a mug of coffee is cheap and the protein brekky is one of my favorite Dallas meals. I can’t handle their nitro cold brew or lattes; the acidity level on their espresso bean is much too strong for me. 

Cheapest Best Dallas Coffee

  • Central Market – a good ole americano or cold brew under $3, please.

Pay for the Vibe

  • Lala Land Kind Cafe – I love this place and the concept but I almost always choke on my half sweet Buddha americano when it rings up to $7 for steamed almond milk. I like to think of these drinks as a gift to our future youth. I haven’t order any menu items because most of them are loaded with sugar, just like many of the novelty drinks. I do wish there was a gluten-free toast option here. I’m not sure I could afford it, but alas, a girl can dream.
  • Summer Moon Coffee – A newer shop to Dallas. Instead of doing the moon milk latte, try it light or as a topper to your americano! I love that you can find pinch of salt pastries here (we all need our 20% dessert foods!) and the drip coffee is also delicious.

I know there’s others I’m missing here; Dallas coffee shops are always opening! Share your favorite with me below! Save this list for your next coffee shop date, too!

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