What I Ate Today 4.8.20

Although I had a pretty good routine going, I’ve utilized COVID quarantine to be even more mindful and intentional about my nutrient intake. This means still allowing for plenty of grace, creative meals and new routines like long neighborhood walks with my husband and an intense ongoing Scrabble tournament.  I hope my daily norm gives you some inspiration for your own plate this season. Just inspiration, though. None of this is a should or a mandate. Eat what you like, eat whole, live well.

Meal One & My Morning Routine

I’ve been getting up at 630-7AM(pre-COVID quarantine this was 5:45AM). I do some stretches, mostly because my PT said so, and chug a 16 oz glass of water. In the past, I would race out the door to a workout, but now I take a moment to sit with the pup and soak up some sun rays. I don’t get in morning exercise every day right now, but that’s the optimal pre-COVID normal I’m aiming for. It’s always before 1PM, though.

I’ve been doing spin or strength (I’m on no impact x 6 weeks- 2 down) from Fit Social Club, Lync, The Sculpt Society, Powder Heart, or my own ideas from my past days as a HIIT instructor. Some days, I strap on my BALA bangles and take a walk around our neighborhood with my mini-Aussie, Jax, instead. After 45 minutes of werk, I chug water again and hit the shower before I eat.

Today’s fast-break? Leftover sauteed cruficerous crunch in coconut aminos with an egg bake. I thew some non-dairy cheese from VioLife on top after a recent DIY pizza night.

I sipped on coffee, frothed with Caramel nutpods, after my meal while I saw patients from 8-12. I try to limit my coffee intake until after exercise and breakfast for optimal digestion and to not unnecessarily stress my hormones early in the AM.


Lunchtime walk with pup, 20-40 minutes. Unless he just wants to roll in the dirt. Either way, I get a tan and some needed Vitamin D.

My meal today was a salmon salad I had whipped up (celery, onion, Primal Kitchen mayo, Wild Planet wild canned Tuna, garlic & herb spice from Primal Palate) over spinach, drizzled with Carrot Ginger dressing from The New Primal. I sliced in half an apple for additional crunch, as an afterthought.


After lunch, I grabbed a turkey cilantro meat stick (Also, The New Primal) and the other half of that apple for an office snack.

After work, my husband and I have been doing anywhere from a 30 minute to hour and a half long walk. More often than not, I’ll grab it iced decaf Americano because it’s on our route ironically (or, is it!?).


Post walk, we eat dinner together. In the past, this wasn’t always the case. We would eat over our computers, on a conference call, him before I came home from a workout etc. But, we’re back in the dining room and it feels so healthy to connect over our meal.

We have anything from a Snap Kitchen meal or Territory Meals to a local favorite like TJ‘s Seafood, Hero, or Malibu Poke (these have been on recent rotation). A few nights we have grilled up some protein in the backyard, too. But, quarantine life has given us an excuse to order-in; something we would never do in the past.

Our meal format is always:  protein, greens and starch. Unless I’m having wine or dessert, then I put a little more emphasis on fiber + fat (in the form of the sauces or oil we’re cooking with, or a chunk of avocado), and my dessert choices takes the place of a normal roasted potato, squash or pasta. Not for calorie control, but for blood sugar maintenance and satiety.

Tonight’s meal? I had TJ’s wasabi-crusted Ahi Tuna with French green beans and their Sriracha slaw (which I’m positive in the best coleslaw I’ve ever had). After dinner,  and I had a scoop of Alden’s dairy-free organic ice cream while we watched Little Fires Everywhere. I’m on the hunt for the best non-dairy, low ingredient, wholesome ice cream that doesn’t contain sugar alcohols or other fibers that eff with my digestive system. That was really delightful (this photo of NadaMoo did not end well), Coconut Bliss and Van Leeuwen are running close behind as contenders.

This is a snapshot in time

My diet changes daily, which I enjoy, because it shows flexibility. Some days, I do a bulletproof coffee in the morning because I can’t tolerate anything else. Sometimes, I eat 6 snacks. Either way, I listen to what my hunger cues are saying; they’re usually spot on when I give them hydration, movement and sleep.

Right now, I’m trying to get in a good mix of fresh options alongside pantry staples. This limits my trips to the grocery store and overall COVID exposure. But, no matter what, I refuse to eat bland food. We use our sauce stockpile (I just added a lazy Susan to our fridge -and six other parts of the house- because the sauce situation was out of control) every night to ensure a good variety of spice and flavor.

Note: There’s no gluten, dairy, corn, and beef in my diet due to allergies and Celiac disease. Don’t assume I’m also asking you to avoid these in order to eat well.

Now, off to read Jennie Allen’s new book. I’ve also been prioritizing reading in the evenings. Cheers to new habits during your own COVID quarantine routine.

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