2023 Gift Guide: Whit’s Picks for Shopping Small!

It’s that time of year where everyone is sharing their favorite things and their ‘must haves’ gift guide. Amazon storefronts, links for the best things at big box retailers, and their LTK pages full of the latest trending clothes. 

I wanted to switch it up and feature my favorite products from small businesses that I know and love. As an entrepreneur myself running my own practice, I know how impactful and important the support is. It quite literally allows me to feed my family! It also gives me the ability to have a flexible schedule so I can be the best mama and dietitian and diabetes educator I can be. 

These are things present in my home, life and are things I truly enjoy myself and gifting others – and hope you do too! They all make great gifts for your friends, family and loved ones, but these could also be ideas for things to put on your own list this year. Feel free to forward this blog link to your hubs 😉 

2023 Gift Guide: Whit’s Picks for Shopping Small!

Created Colorful Color Consult

This was a gift I gave to myself and it made all the difference in what clothes I buy, wear and really, how I feel in my own skin! Since finding the best colors for me, I felt the confidence and the fun I have with my wardrobe multiply! It was such a fun and easy experience. The company is really pro-body confidence and I loved the fact that they gave me an easy toolkit for success to make me feel confident. The elaborate pdf gave me simple swaps that made a big difference. They evaluate nail colors, lip colors, and if proposed with two options, showed me which would be better. I keep a screenshot on my phone and reference them for renting/shopping now and I think I look better 😉 for it!

Plus for clients, it’s a way to build body confidence without CHANGING your physical body. Use code WHIT for $15 off both color consults and gift consults. Doing the color consult is why I know I can rock this hot pink suit.

created colorful light spring as one of 2023 Gift Guide created colorful light spring consultant


Pine and Needles

By far, my most gifted gift – especially in this last year – is custom embroidered pieces from Pine and Needles. I have gotten monogrammed onesies for all of my girlfriends and their new babes. And of course, I’ve stocked up on some cuteness for baby J. The perfect gift for the expecting mama on your list!

baby wearing Pine and Needles one of the 2023 Gift Guide

Joy Creative Shop

personalized stationery from joy creative shop one of 2023 Gift Guide

Not only is this my go-to wrapping supplier, but I also love to gift others personalized stationery! There are so many styles, colors, and customization options, too. This is one of those gifts that anyone is happy to receive. Joy Creative Shop is also an amazing place to look for Christmas wrapping supplies! You can create personalized gift tags, stickers and notes for your gift giving needs. Browse the fun and colorful wrapping paper options, who doesn’t love a little personalization?! 


My favorite non-toxic candles, made right here in Dallas! Over the past few years, I have gradually made the switch to non-toxic items throughout my home – and that includes candles. Declutterd offers a variety of scents and bundles based on the season. The best part? (aside from being non-toxic of course) – The wooden wick that creates the coziest atmosphere with the crackling sound as it burns.My go-to scents are Detox and Spa.

baby using skin product from Declutterd one of 2023 Gift Guide

Fat Co.

Tallow based skin care – the ultimate hydration for that dry winter skin. They offer a wide variety of products; from face wash to shampoo – nose to tail, as they say!I fell in love with their products during pregnancy, and used their nourishing baby butta on my growing bump multiple times a day! Now, I use it daily on baby James; it keeps his skin moisturized and smooth like a buttered croissant.

Spa Day

A gift every mama wants. Gift a gift certificate to your local spa to your bestie who just needs an hour or two of pampering. This is a great option so she can pick what would make her feel most refreshed. The offer everything from facials, massages or mani/pedis. You’re giving her the gift of self-care in the form of a spa day (which isn’t always what self-care looks like!)

My favorite spa here in Dallas is Heyday. I recently enjoyed the most wonderful facial there. I loved it because they used non-toxic products that were personalized to my skin needs. So I can say from experience, this would make an excellent gift!

woman drinking white wine

Sacred and Stone

This is a great gift for a friend, new mom or yourself! There are so many beautiful staple piece options, like dainty gold or silver bracelets. You can also choose a beautiful beaded option, and even add a custom name or word to a bracelet. The best part is – I never take it off! It’s so durable, and has stayed looking brand new through workouts and withstood the test of mothering a 7 month old. The bracelets are all handmade in the USA, and utilize other woman-owned small businesses for packaging. How cool?! A meaningful gift for any lady in your life

Personalized Mama Sweatshirt

I wear motherhood as a badge of honor, as should every women. One fun thing that’s been added to my closet this year is a sweatshirt that shows that. A personalized mama sweatshirt, with the kiddos names on it is a sweet gift for any other proud mama in your life. 

woman drinking coffee from Purity Coffee

Purity Coffee

How could I not include a delicious coffee option on my gift guide?! Purity Coffee is a staple in my household. Its mold free coffee that is brewed for health and adheres to rigorous roasting standards to ensure the utmost quality and flavor. Currently, I’m loving the newest ⅓ caff option, called Balance. It gives me just enough pep without going overboard. They even had the cutest holiday gifting bundle, including Hearth and Flow beans. Use code WHITNESSNUTRITION to save!


If you’re still in need of ideas for friends and family, check out last year’s gift guide for some inspiration! 

Plus, not to do a shameless plug, but gifting HEALTH is a great idea. I have many people reach out every year about paying for an initial consult for their family member or our diabetes mastery program. I think health is THE BEST gift you can give someone. 

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