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Bake a healthy muffin

Banana bread is so 2020. And, I’m here for it. But I made a mini version because I don’t have time to slice bread right now. That isn’t a joke.

These portable banana bread muffins are loaded with healthy fat sources and fiber to keep your blood sugar stable. I tested it on a few insulin dependent patients. Cool, right? Plus, these are naturally gluten, dairy and soy free so any population can enjoy.  Just like my chocolate chip cookies, but with a bit more nutrients! Try these as a smarter boost of sweetness with any meal.

This muffin is really good slathered with ghee – warm or cold. But, a lonely muffin is also just as delicious.

Baking is a healthy habit

Remember, baking doesn’t mean you’ve given up. It doesn’t mean your pants won’t fit. If anything, baking can be a great habit or hobby to improve this year. Perhaps you improve your knife skills while you’re at it, or your perfect chicken marinade?

Now, if sweets are your favorite thing to make; share them! This is a great and economical way to connect with co-workers, neighbors and family members. Leave a bag of these muffins on their doorstep! What a sweet random act of kindness and nourishment.

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