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Best Cookies Ever.

Last week I baked a batch of chocolate chip oat cookies upon my husband’s request. They didn’t turn out. I was crushed. Not only did I have confidence in the recipe I found, but I was confident in my own ability to sniff out a bad recipe. And, I failed.

But, the beauty is in the struggle my friends, because my second attempt and the result was more than I could have ever imagined! They cookies are no fail, all fluff. They taste ever better after they’ve been frozen. Crazy! And, you can bake them straight from the freezer.

I know it sounds a little melodramatic to say that a cookie recipe fail brought me to tears. Like, what kind of emotional basket case is she?! But, let me share some background with you.

It’s National Celiac Awareness Month.

And for me, that means 11 years of:

  • trial & error recipes, erring on error.
  • “easy substitutions” that really lead to expensive ingredients being chucked into the trash.

It means 11 years of

  • “your cookies” versus “everyone else’s cookies”
  • special coding at family meals for “my options”
  • money spent on glossy cookbooks that hold recipes of gluten-free hard rocks

11 years ago, almost to the date, my life flipped upside down after an endoscopy that I fasted for during AP English, AP Calculus & college-level Spanish. A result that, suggested, my best diet would be one without gluten. A diet to prevent intestinal damage, further deficiencies, and perhaps improve my feelings of fatigue (it actually wasn’t my thyroid).

My pantry at the time of diagnosis, a Swiss farm girl, was comprised of mostly gluten; egg noodles, all-purpose flour, panko breading, penne noodles, Special K cereal, Wonder Bread, Wheat Thins, and bagels. We were the normal American household, with the additions of fresh meat and dairy.

In the past 11 years, I have found so much health.

But, the road was not been straight, clear, or well-lit. This month I’ll share some of these victories and pitfalls in hopes that it empowers your own journey. But, for now, make these cookies and share them with everyone. Glu-tard (the worst nickname I ever got) or not; they are darn delicious.

I confirmed this statement with my husband, because, I’m aware that my taste-buds have been permanently altered

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