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Fuel your day, (girl)boss

This morning, I spoke to 135 bright-eyes and bushy-tailed Junior League Dallas bosses. I empowered them to start their day strong with three simple, straightforward and evidence-based strategies. I’ve recapped these below for you to benefit from, too! Usually, these meetings don’t include coffee and breakfast, but I provided both today. The brain needs fuel before work! They assembled Greek yogurt bowls with grain-free muesli and flaxseed using Seven Sundays, Forager Project, Manitoba Milling, coffee from Chameleon Coldbrew &  a sweet snack to-go from SmartSweets. Besides my passion for education and empowerment, giving is a close second (and my love language).

Now for those fueling strategies!


You are not a pickle. You are a cucumber!

Drink 16 oz of water before consuming coffee. 64-100 oz daily. That’s right, chronic dehydration causes one to overeat and increase anxiety levels. The more you move, the more you need. Consume 16 oz per every 30-minute sweat session. Use electrolyte-enhanced water if it’s been over 90 minutes and you’re running in high heat/humidity circumstances; NUUN or Lyteline.


The best snacks (meaning, the ones that keep you feeling focused) are those that contain a combination of Fat + Fiber. Consider my top patient favorites:

  1. Sliced peppers dipped in Greek Ranch (plain greek yogurt + dry ranch dressing mix)
  2. Cutie orange + snap peas + spicy guacamole
  3. 1 cup berries + 1/4 cup roasted pumpkin seeds
  4. Sliced zucchini drizzled with olive oil and sea salt
  5. Carrots dipped in cashew butter
  6. Mini sweet peppers stuffed with tuna salad made with avocado oil mayo


New to prep? Don’t cook by recipes, only. Consider the following guideline.

Each week, at minimum, Find a one-pan mid-week dinner recipe + a breakfast casserole of at least 4 servings. For lunch/dinner: Add 2 V’s, 2 P’s & 2 C’s to your list.

Keep fats on hand to incorporate; nuts/seeds/full fat dressing/mayo/avocado/olives

What your list could look like?!

this basic shopping formula creates 4 different meal combinations that can be assembled the day of:

  • Meal 1: ground chicken over a bed of arugula + quinoa with green goddess dressing.
  • Meal 2: baked potato stuffed with ground pesto chicken & roasted Brussels
  • Meal 3: paprika-spiced shrimp over arugula with roasted garlic potatoes.
  • Meal 4:  sauteed shrimp & potato hash over Brussel slaw.

Interested in having your own nutrition education session?

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Engaging nutrition education is a great asset to bring healthy happiness into any workplace. Fuel your employees’ best work and provide additional one-on-one nutritional counseling covered by insurance.


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