A Dietitian’s Guide to Dallas Dining; Date Night

Dietitians dine out, even for date night! Just a PSA; don’t starve yourself for dinner tonight. Seriously. The first goal of date night is enjoying the whole day that leads up to it. Not just a few hours of luxurious gluttonous eating. Starving yourself will lead to overeating. Let’s try to avoid that metabolic damage, shall we?

A Registered Dietitian’s Guide to Dining in Dallas – Date Night

After five years of marriage, my husband and I have got date night down to a T. Sometimes it’s a low-key night with gelato and reality tv. And, there’s also times where I want hair curls and high heels. We switch up cuisine often, as Chase loves Asian food and tacos, while I love sushi and Mediterranean. Dining out in Dallas is a fun way to try new cuisines, as well as get out of your regular dining routine at home. We love batch prepping our ground meat and roasted veggies, but even that gets boring! The Stuart’s list of places to try in Dallas is continuously growing! 

Five Best Date Nights in Dallas 

Date night is the perfect opportunity to split a few dishes, and order something you don’t typically go for! Try a new veggie like artichokes or a whole roasted fish. If you start with an appetizer, prioritize veggies, even if this means asking for a side to be a starter (this is me, with the brussel sprouts at TJ’s, every week). Meanwhile, if you are planning on ordering a cocktail, opt for the lower-sugar, lower-calorie options like a ranch water. Dining in Dallas is supposed to be fun! 

  1. TJ’s or Lover’s Seafood – Start with some fresh oysters! The quality of the seafood here is top-notch. The grilled fish of the day with two veggies; usually the spicy sriracha slaw & green beans. Ask for veggies to be cooked in oil rather than butter.
  2. HG Sply – Build your bowl, protein + two veggies. Guac, garlic aioli or a fried egg as fat source. Spicy hummus starter with veggies. HG is a great place for happy hour; they make their cocktails with cleaner options like ginger kombucha Moscow mules and veggie infused liquor.
  3. Dive – The Market Catch with two veggie sides or the Salad sampler- hearts of palm, dive green and super spinach. The paleo curry shrimp salad if you’re feeling wild! 
  4. Written By The Seasons  – Probably one of my new favorite restaurants (they also own Tribal Cafe where you must try brunch!), WBTS is a must visit. Start with the bok-choy and wood-fired avocado shrimp. Follow it up with the Banana Leaf Mahi or the grilled salmon. 
  5. R & D Kitchen – The Osaka Style pressed sushi to start with and Yellowtail Sashimi & Kale Salad for an entree. Make sure and switch out the dressing for a gluten-free option like a simple EVOO and vinegar. 

Overwhelmed on what to order? Make it simple. Any grilled/baked protein + steamed veggies and plain baked potato is a blood-sugar stable combo. Ask for a meal to be cooked in oil, not butter. Avoid creamy dressings, replace them with a simple olive oil and balsamic vinegar combo. 

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