The Six Best Snack Bars According to A Dietitian

Hey there, snack enthusiast! If you’re anything like me, you love a snack bar that not only tastes great but also keep you energized and feeling good. A good snack bars shouldn’t leave you feeling sluggish from a blood sugar spike. Nor should it be filled with refined sugar, inflammatory oils and lonely carbs that do your health harm, not good. Fix your snack habits and read my list of the top six grab-and-go snack bars on the market! They are not only delicious but also full of protein, healthy fats and real food ingredients. Say goodbye to mid-afternoon cookie cravings and hello to snacks that will fuel you through your day!

The Six Best Snack Bars According to A Dietitian

1. BTR bars

BTR Bars are a true embodiment of natural goodness. Made from whole ingredients, no natural flavors or added sugar; these bars offer a delightful mix of flavors! With no artificial additives or preservatives, BTR Bars are perfect for those seeking clean and wholesome snacking options. They are plant based, keto and rich in fiber. Try the strawberry shortcake, my new favorite. If you don’t have a central market, Erewhon market or raleigh’s nearby; you can order them here 

2. 88 Acres Protein Bars:

For those who crave a protein punch in their snacks, 88 Acres Protein Bars are a dream come true. Crafted with 12 grams of seed-based protein and packed with essential nutrients and no palm oil. These bars keep you satiated and fueled for hours. With flavors like Banana Bread and Dark Chocolate Brownie, they prove that being healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing taste.

3.Gratisfied Oat Bars:person holding Gratisfied Oat snack Bars

Gratisfied Oat Bars are a tribute to the humble yet powerful oat. These bars combine the goodness of whole oats with nuts, seeds, and natural sweeteners to create a snack that’s both comforting and nourishing. Although they are made from oats they still contain fat and protein which keeps blood sugar stable. They are free of all common allergens and use sunflower seed butter, honey, & coconut. These bars offer a delightful way to enjoy the benefits of whole grains. In addition to their oat bars, I love whipping up a batch of their Empower Bars. They’re soft, chewy, and so delicious – almost like a better for your brownie! 

4.Dalci Snack Bars:

Craving something sweet without compromising on health? Dalci Bars are your answer. These bars flawlessly marry the decadence of chocolate with nutrient-rich ingredients. Unlike conventional brownies, dalci uses wholesome ingredients rich in healthful omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated fats, like almond flour and avocado oil. With flavors like Dark Chocolate and Lemon Coconut, Dalci Bars prove that you can indulge sensibly without guilt. *Bonus!* – they just became available on Thrive Market, get Dalci right to your door! 

Whitney Stuart holding Dalci Snack Bars5.Healthy Eating On The Go:

Protein Bars that are here to support all stages of life. Made with vegan pea protein, these bars are a smart choice for a protein boost on the move. Whether you’re pregnant, a working mom, tackling a workout or just need a quick bite, these bars have your back. They have a 1:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein with only 5 grams of sugar, which means blood sugar bliss! Use code WHITNESS at checkout! 

6.Unite Protein Bars:

These snack bars are perfect for those who want to make better food choices for themselves and their families. They incorporate anti-inflammatory ingredients and are naturally gluten and soy free with a punch of 10-11g protein per bar. With nostalgic flavors like PB & Jelly and Mexican Hot Chocolate these bars offer a solution to have your favorite childhood snacks while being rich in protein! Read more on how to pick the perfect protein bar here

Snack smart, stay healthy, and enjoy the deliciousness of these snack bars. Remember, you can have both – taste and nutrition – in one convenient package. As a dietitian and diabetes educator, I’m always on the lookout for snacks that not only taste amazing but also support a healthy lifestyle. These snack bars are perfect for those who want to make better food choices for themselves and their families.woman holding a bar of Unite Protein Bars

If you need more guidance in this area, don’t worry – I’m an expert and I’m here to help! Schedule a discovery call with me, and let’s set you on the path to snacking success!

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