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With each fad diets comes a long time of experienced influencers. Individuals who have tried the product themselves, found benefit, and want to share. But here lies the danger. Their body is not your body! They are not sharing from a place of expertise, research and full understanding. Although it brought them benefit, it could absolutely bring you harm. Ex – A low carb diet isn’t for everyone, nor is the grapefruit diet or Watermelon Cleanse  (can you believe people actually do these?).

I am not an expert in woodworking, so I don’t advise others on woodworking techniques. Why should that be any different when it comes to nutrition and dietetics? Note the different between experience and expertise as you cash in on that coupon code for Goli Gummies. Review new products with your trusted practitioner, like me!

Expertise or Experience?

If you open your social media and all you see are extreme transformation posts, 1000 calorie diet prescriptions, it may be time to regroup. I was growing tired of this happening all too often and that’s why I took up on the Unfollow Friday routine (thank you Melissa Hartwig & Andrea Overturf for such an idea!).

Take this post as a sign. Find that one account who’s content has been whispering negative thoughts into your ear and unfollow them. The weight lifted off your shoulders will taste even better then the rice cracker ice cream sandwich (but honestly, anything would).

Join Me! Every Friday I unfollow 5 accounts that aren’t contributing to my wellness; mentally, physically or emotionally. This includes bloggers, nutritionists, and even health professionals that promote unhealthy behaviors or habits. Beware of the influencers and accounts out there promoting toxic, unhealthy behaviors. Unfollow!

But, there are also some amazing people in the health and wellness space educating through social media! One’s that I’ve become close friends with. Here are five accounts I follow on Instagram for positive, perspective, and that I often share with my patients. 

Five Social Media Follows

  • Glucose Goddess (@glucosegoddess) for education on glucose monitoring and managing blood sugar.
  • Lisa Hayim MS, RD (@lisahayim) for intuitive eating and food freedom.
  • Danielle Hamilton (@daniellehamiltonhealth) for digestible education on blood sugar
  • Dr. Elena Roumell, ND (@drelanaroumell) for holistic approaches to family and pediatric health.
  • Dabney Porter, RN, CN (@dabneypoorter) for sustainable lifestyle swaps for your home and health.

Oh and for my fellow foodies, I recommend follow @maryswholelife, @primal_gourmet and @fedandfit for paleo-ish, gluten-free, dairy-free friendly recipes!

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