Healthy Coffee – Tips from a Registered Dietitian

My journey to healthier coffee

Are you still drinking oat milk lattes and calling it a healthy coffee? Stop it already. Although I wasn’t born a coffee lover, not even the blended mocha fake it with extra sugar, coffee type, I’ve grown a lot in the last 32 years. I’m no longer the child holding my nose closed in Starbucks. (Yes, that totally happened.) After so many years of slinging lattes as a barista, I caved. And, after a few degrees and thousands of patient successes, I can tell you that your morning coffee has the ability to make or break your health. 

healthy coffee
drink healthy coffee


Quick side note, I wrote my college entrance essay on coffee drinks and how they parallel the customer’s personality type. 

Here are just a few of my theories:

  • Vanilla lattes were ordered by well-kept, middle-class, corporate business women; mild, classic and predictable.
  • The white-chocolate mocha purchased by the excessive & boisterous type. 
  • Cold brews were for the intense and motivated.

Back then, I drank an Americano with sugar-free vanilla. Did that sorbitol do wonders for my stomach? Oh yes.

Now, I drink a strong black cold-brew. Black.

Now; drink a healthier cup of coffee

Sound intimidating? Don’t let it be! There’s a delicious infused flavor in the good ones. Like, my favorite Purity Coffee.  It also just happens to be organic and fair-trade.

Use my tips to improve your coffee drink. If I can do it; so can you!

Healthier Coffee Tip 1: Switch your non-fat milk for unsweetened almond milk.

Did you know that milk contains sugar? It’s the naturally-occurring lactose! Save about 40 calories per ounce and gain a few grams of plant-based heart healthy fat when you switch to almond milk (I recommend Califia or Malk).

Healthier Coffee Tip 2: Wean off of your sweetener

Your taste buds will downgrade and adjust to the flavor profiles in real food, if you let them! You’ll save yourself the risk of insulin resistance, as well.  Sugar alcohols are sweeter (Splenda- 600 x, Equal 200x) than regular sugar and naturally-occurring fructose. I would love for you to enjoy real food and it’s flavor; wouldn’t you? 

Healthier Coffee Tip 3: Half the pumps of flavor in your coffee

Cut your pumps of vanilla in half to save calories, carbohydrates, improve blood sugar and improve your body’s ability to accept a downgraded sweetness.

Healthier Coffee Tip 4: Ease yourself in with a smarter creaminess.

Before I was able to drink my cold-brew black, I would mix it with one of the following flavor-rich but sweetener free creamers:

  • nutpods French Vanilla
  • Unsweetened Vanilla MALK
  • Califia unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • Frothed with pure Coffee Bombs

Remember: adjustments take time. 

My coffee revolution took years. Give yourself some grace, make a few changes over time, and let me know what progress you make. We’ll celebrate the little wins together! Need more support? Book a discovery call to work with a dietitian who support your coffee journey. 

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