A dietitian’s tips for first trimester nausea

first trimester nauseaFirst trimester nausea can be a doozy. Luckily, I had a mild case. And, I fully attribute that to all the work I did pre-conception to feel my best and live a, well, most-fertile, lifestyle. But, during weeks 6 -10, I had it bad.

I’m sharing my first-trimester nausea best practices. I have always shared with patients but now, have actually taken it for a test drive and proven it to be true! This gives them extra validity, right? Experience and expertise combined are the best pearls of advice, I think!

Picture: Proof! I knew I was pregnant, and I knew when I conceived. But, are we surprised on that?

5 game changers for first trimester nausea

  • Simple Mills almond flour crackers

    • During weeks 6-10 (short, I know, I’m sorry in you’re suffering longer!) my husband and I had a protocol. Let me sleep until 7A, come in with a bag of crackers, put one in my mouth BEFORE I got up to soothe any gag refluxes. Literally, Chase stuck a cracker in my mouth every morning. We got down to one bag, when he was drafting a “please sponsor my wife’s pregnancy” when the nausea subsided. Whew! This protocol was a game changer. Shout out to my mama-pro-friend Erin who said this would prevent vomiting. It did. Plus, these almond flour crackers are lower-glycemic than a traditional cracker. This helped to start with day without refined carbohydrates and a blood sugar spike, which can worsen nausea. You know how I feel about lonely carbs, and during pregnancy, when insulin resistance naturally rises, it’s even more important of a focus!
  • Bone Broth!

    • Plus, as soon as I woke up, I had FOND bone broth with a punch of Redmond Real salt salt and avoided coffee until later in the morning. Not only did Fond serve as a protein source in the morning but it balanced my blood sugar and turned off the RAGING hunger cues I had when I woke up. Hunger and nausea don’t sit well together and the natural sources of glutamine in FOND also helped to soothe my stomach. 
  • Magnesium salt baths

    • Let’s be clear, I’m not a bath girl. I get in them VERY rarely but it’s for a good reason. I was so sore and achy and this really calmed my muscles. Plus, magnesium is a mineral we tend to naturally be deficient in thanks to our soil being less mineral-dense than prior decades. This was a way for me to easily absorb it into my skin and relax, without adding another pill. 
  • Supplementation

    • I did a combo of B6, 25 mcg 3x daily + 1/2 Unisom for a few weeks when things escalated. This is the same combination as Bonjesta which is SO freaking expensive. 
  • Meal Focus

    • To ensure I was getting adequate iron, I enjoyed a lettuce wrapped Bison burger WITH ALL THE FRIES every Friday, er Fry-Day, from Hopdoddy. Anemia can amplify nausea and I wanted to stay proactive through food as medicine.first trimester nausea

I’ll be sharing more tips that made a difference during my pregnancy to empower your healthiest journey! Yes, I’ll be sharing about this ridiculous prenatal supplementation line-up, too. If you’re eager for more details, you can see the list, here.

But, is there a specific subject you feel like you want more details on? One that just isn’t talked about enough? Comment and let me know! Remember, if blood sugar irregularity is already something you struggle with, start your journey now! Although I love to work with patients in prevention mode, I also support gestational diabetes and diabetes. I do so through a functional blood sugar bliss approach that leads to optimal health through sustainable actions. Book a call today! 

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