From the Sea to Your Plate – Sustainable Seafood with Sizzlefish

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As a central-Texan from the PNW, I’m aware of how difficult sourcing the freshest, quality-seafood can be. I can’t go pick it up at the fish market at the edge of town, like I did in my Washington days! Instead of scouring DFW for the best options, I’ve taken to ordering a quality solution, instead! I’ve been using Sizzlefish for fresh, quality seafood that ships right to my door! Sizzlefish works closely with suppliers to source only the finest sustainable seafood. 

But, what makes wild-caught seafood a staple part of a healthy diet? 

  1. Wild fish have much lower levels of mercury than the levels found in farm-raised, conventional fish. The most common fish with low mercury levels are albacore tuna, salmon and pollock. Halibut is another great option for low-mercury fish and might be one of the easiest fish to cook without a prominent fishy flavor for my new to seafood folks! 
  2.  The Omega-3 levels in wild-caught fish can help to reduce risk of inflammation, blood quality and heart health. I recommend eating fish high in omega-3’s, such as salmon, at least 2-3x a week to all of my patients as a preventative action for heart-health. Salmon is one of my favorite types of wild-caught fish high in omega-3’s! I add salmon fillets or salmon cakes to my weekday lunch rotation over a seasonal salad.
  3.  The health benefits fresh-caught seafood offers aren’t just limited to the functions behind the scenes, but also help to improve brain and muscle function. Fish oil can contribute to improved oxygen and blood flow, as well as reduce inflammation. Consider meal prepping seafood based dishes, such as deconstructed fish tacos or tuna salad nicoise! These are an easy way to ensure getting the recommended 2-3x a week intake of fish.

 Sizzlefish makes it easy to get fresh, wild-caught seafood that ensures you are getting the highest quality of fish and crustaceans. Sizzlefish sets you up for a successful, nutritious diet – why wouldn’t you want to try them? You can use my  link to receive a nice discount at checkout and try one of the many recipes included on their blog!

Not ready to take the jump and cook it yourself? That’s okay! Check out our restaurant guide for some of the freshest DFW options where you can grab a quality fillet! 

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