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Protein Pizza? It’s a Pea-Za Cake! 

Protein powder in a pizza crust? This upgrade is a great one to meet your daily protein needs! It is exhausting trying to find a clean-ingredient filled, protein-packed, and high-quality protein powder. Whether it is sneaky additives, allergens, or chalky texture, it can take forever to find a protein powder that fits the bill. Many protein powders on the market sneakily include fillers that make the supplement no better to consume than a jar of Jiffy peanut butter; which is far cheaper. As a dietitian, I’m only interested in the highest standard regarding nutrients, taste, and quality. 

This makes a perfect slice.

I created a grain-free protein-rich pizza crust using Naked Protein’s pea protein powder, eggs  & flax-seed.

And, it’s a pea-zza cake.

Not only is it a great dinnertime meal option, but it’s totally customizable and really fun to make! Toss this together with sliced chicken sausage, arugula, non-dairy feta cheese, balsamic vinegar & mushrooms next time you have food boredom. 

 Naked Nutrition creates clean protein powders that are high in essential amino acids and clean protein.

They offer a variety of protein-powders, with the always reliable Grass-Fed Whey Protein to the plant-based Pea Protein Powder and Brown-Rice Based Protein Powder. Their plant based Pea Protein Powder is made from North American farmed non-gmo yellow-split peas. They contain no artificial sweeteners, colors, or fillers. Each container of protein powder clearly lists the breakdown of Amino Acid profiles per serving size next to the overall nutrition profile. Their simple design and easy to read labels makes it easy to decipher which of their protein powders are best for you. For anyone looking for gluten-free, dairy-free, or soy-free protein powder, Naked Protein has the options.

I love how versatile this powder is for both sweet and savory palettes; shakes, snacks and even pizzas! With each of their protein powders offering between 25-27g of protein per serving, you will love incorporating Naked Protein into your daily protein intake. Life’s short, get Naked! 

Notes We used basil pesto, shredded chicken, non-dairy cashew cheese and raw mushrooms for pizza toppings. Pro tip: add the cheese last. A great spice blend like The New Primal citrus or Primal Palate garlic & herb makes it easy to get a boost of flavor without multiple ingredients.  

This blog post was sponsored by Naked Nutrition through the creation of a thoughtful partnership with the intention of educating the masses of wholesome health. Whitness Nutrition takes every partnership seriously and Whitney upholds her role of #honestinfluencer to a high standard. Never hesitate to reach out with comments, questions, or concerns.

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