Twelve Days of Festive Goodness: Day 9

Day 9: Traditional Holiday Dishes

These dishes pretty much explain themselves; tradition! These dishes provide the comfort and happiness associated with a holiday meal. Instead of boxed, canned or pre-made holiday items, join me in making these delicious traditional holiday dishes. All of these are lower in sodium, sugar, and pack in all the flavor we look for in a traditional holiday dish. 

Mushroom Gravy

Lower in fat and salt, this mushroom gravy is just as good if not better than a traditional turkey gravy. Extra dribble recommended! Green-Bean Casserole

Instead of searching high and low for the last can of cream of mushroom, make this extra creamy alternative with coconut milk and fresh mushrooms Carmelized Onion Mashed Potatoes

I will be referring to these as creamed potatoes rather than mashed because they are the most delectable, creamy potato I’ve ever seen. And the caramelized onion addition? My mouth is watering.
Naturally Sweetened Cranberry Sauce

Ocean Spray in a can may be traditional, but this fresh cranberry sauce is 10x better with fresh orange juice and whole cranberries. GF/V Biscuits

If you’re from the south, you know that a biscuit or piece of cornbread is essential to the holiday dinner, what else would you soak up the tasty juices with? These biscuits are the perfect addition to your plate. 

Check back EVERY day to find something new; a new recipe, a new flavor, or a new vegetable you’ve never tried! Plus, in the seasonal spirit of giving, I’ll be hosting a FLASH giveaway on Instagram stories EVERY day. Share our daily festive goodness post & tag me. I’ll announce a winner in stories, EACH day!

These recipes are ALL naturally free of gluten and dairy, contain wholesome ingredients and are, obviously, dietitian-approved. Each daily round-up was created to equip with you resources for a joyful and healthy season! Eat well, friends! I’m just excited for this series.

Note: These recipes and photos are not ours by they are certainly Whitness-approved. We have linked you directly to the creator and recipe. We hope you find as much nutritious inspiration from them, as we do!

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