holiday recipes + what is grass-fed

 On a serious note, remember what the approaching holiday represents. A day to appreciate and thank your friends and family with attention and your precious time . Eat slow, savor each bite, and focus on the bigger pie, er, picture. A serving of fiber rich vegetables with each plate will keep you from overeating and remind your belly when its full.

I want you to know the differences in the label. If you are planning to pay more, do so with an educated decision. The USDA Grass Fed Marketing Claim Standard stipulates they must be fed only grass, forage and cereal grains in their vegetative, pregrain states, with continuous access to pasture during the growing season. The USDA’s Grass Fed labeling program does not address the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, or GMOs in the animal feed, which is addressed by additional label designations such as “USDA Organic.”

Go for the grass! Are you ordering a Thanksgiving Turkey but not yet convinced that grass-fed, organic vs conventional meats have a huge nutritional difference? The type of fat along with the overall nutritional quality may greatly differ.  This article unveils the bold differences in conventional vs grass-fed beef. Poultry and foul have similar results.

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