Earth + Start: Adaptogenic Coffee

Adaptogens are functional mushrooms that provide balanced energy, immune support and mental clarity. The range of functional mushrooms is quite large and each one offers a different benefit. Adaptogens have actually been a part of holistic medicine for hundreds of years!  Just recently, have they become a mainstream recommendation in functional medicine as an holistic alternative for balancing brain and hormone health. These herbs and plants can help the body offset the effects of stressful conditions and aid in healthy sleep cycles, while reducing inflammation and curbing fatigue. 

You can find these magic functional mushrooms in supplements, as whole mushrooms, and in food and beverage products. My favorite implementation of them is within coffee. When adaptogens are paired with caffeine, the effects are exactly what you would hope for; less crash! A clean and crash free energy replaces the jitters.

The creators of Earth and Star have perfected the formula and created a clean source of caffeine through their functional coffee beverages and beans. The Earth and Star coffee, Organic Uganden Dark Roast Coffee, is based on a 4-Mushroom blend that is paired with L-Theanine. L-Theanine is an amino acid that can reduce anxiety all while increasing alertness and concentration. This allows you to reach a new level of cognitive focus!

Earth and Star brew isn’t just your average cup of coffee, but rather a nutrient dense, immune boosting beverage.

Their coffee has also been designed to leave out the negative side effects regular coffee can bring; acidic pH levels and inflammatory artificial flavors. When you’re looking for cognitive support and anti-anxiety supplementation; Earth and Star Coffee is an excellent option. 

Functional Mushroom Benefits

A deep dive into the adaptogens found in Earth and Stars functional products

  • Lion’s Mane
    • These functional mushrooms have been known to improve memory and boost concentration. In an additional study, Lion’s Mane was shown to decrease feelings of anxiousness and depression. 
  • Chaga
    • This adaptogen has shown to be one of the most antioxidant-rich functional mushrooms,  which makes it an excellent supplement for supporting a healthy immune system. In turn, Chaga can also help fight free-radicals and keep the skin, hair and nails youthful in appearance and healthy from the inside out. 
  • Reishi
    • As a functional hormone, Reish helps to support and balance hormones that allow rest and recovery during sleep. Additionally, Reishi has been shown to support healthy blood sugar levels by regulating the enzymatic break-down that is responsible for breaking down starches into sugars.
  • Cordyceps
    • Lastly, this specific adaptogen helps to sustain energy levels by increasing oxygen uptake and aerobic capacity. Cordyceps are also rich in antioxidants and can support healthy skin, hair and nails. 

More From Earth and Star!

In addition to coffee beans, they have also created functional chocolate bars that were designed to be smooth, flavorful and free of any inflammatory ingredients. Each of the four bars offers a unique functional effect, due to the unique balance of adaptogens. The best part? There is only 2g of sugar per serving of chocolate from organic coconut sugar. Earth and Star Chocolate is free of any and all hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, and common allergens like dairy or gluten. In my opinion, the coffee flavor is extra delicious! 

An RD Tip

My last bit of advice on having a meaningful cup of functional coffee is to make each sip count. If you’re looking for a cup of coffee the minute you roll out of bed, have a large glass of water before starting your day off right and keep your body hydrated. Have an extra few minutes to really enjoy each sip of coffee? Do it outside, and get your daily dose of Vitamin D, and reset your circadian rhythm, while also getting caffeinated. Lastly, stay clear of the artificially-sweetened, caloric and sugar additives. You can find Earth and Star’s new ground coffee and adaptogenic chocolates on Amazon (at 40% off!) or order directly through their site

This blog post was sponsored by Earth and Star through the creation of a thoughtful partnership with the intention of educating the masses on wholesome health concepts. Whitness Nutrition takes every partnership seriously and Whitney upholds her role of #honestinfluencer to a high standard. Never hesitate to reach out with comments, questions, or concerns.

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