A Dietitian’s Travel Hacks

How to Prepare for Travel like a Registered Dietitian 

I have practically become a professional traveler this year. With family in Seattle and Oklahoma, I’m on a plane at least once a month during the holiday season, sometimes even more frequent than that. Whether it’s anticipating the necessary preparations or the post-travel regroup, traveling can be overwhelming! But – I found the perfect groove to prevent unnecessary stress! Use these tips to improve your travel regimen for better mental and physical health! 


First, set aside time to exercise! I like to schedule workouts in advance prior to my anticipated return to Dallas. Scrolling through classes 12 hours before your desired time and praying for an open spot doesn’t usually work in my favor. And, I believe a bit of planning ahead actually holds me more accountable! Even when I’m in Seattle, I take the time to schedule a walk with friends, do a 20 minute at home workout or whatever movement brings me joy that day! Reminder: endorphins make you happy!

Eat Well

In addition to physical health, I know that maintaining healthy eating habits can be difficult during a heavy travel season, especially the upcoming holiday season. I fully enjoy the pumpkin spice and gingerbread releases, but don’t let all my VPFC and healthy snack habits fly out the window, either! Use these tips to enjoy your meals but find blood sugar balance, too!

  • Pack protein rich, shelf-stable snacks like meat sticks, pistachios or protein bars for long days of travel. 
  • Bring easy to eat veggies like cucumber carrot sticks on the road to pair with your protein.
  • Stay hydrated, especially if you’re flying. I pack a large refillable water bottle to refill at the airport and take electrolytes in my bag, such as LMNT or Ultima packs.
  • Eat a protein rich meal before heading to the airport to avoid overspending on low-quality, low-nutrient foods. You can even pack a meal on the plane, it doesn’t count towards your luggage (just avoid soup and you’re set!). 

Stress less

Mental health preparation for travel is also key. Avoid the extra stress and worry with my peaceful travel checklist. 

First, order ready to eat meals ahead of time! Do not wait until you’re home. This will land you in the TacoBell drive thru line. I order meals while I’m on the plane heading out of Texas. My go to? Eat the 80.

Eat the 80 is one of the most convenient and delicious ways to make meal time less stressful after travel. All of their meals are made with local produce and all natural protein, and are also approved by a Registered Dietitian, that’s what really sealed the deal for me!  Eat the 80 is Whole30 approved, refined sugar free and free of any hormones or additives. They also cater to food allergies and offer meals that are gluten-free, pescatarian and dairy-free friendly! travel hack

  • Clean the house BEFORE you leave –  this sounds simple but I swear to you, coming home to a clean house is the ultimate relief. No dirty dishes in the sink, no trash to be taken out, just a cozy and clean house to walk into. If you haven’t yet, I recommend transitioning to non-toxic, non-disrupting cleaning supplies to better your health beyond the plate.
  • Do laundry when I get back, not before I leave – hear me out on this one! Rather than doing laundry right before you leave, and then once again upon your return, just knock them out in one sitting when you get back. This also allows you more time prior to travel to get in an extra workout or prepare a freezer friendly meal to have for my return. 
  • Order groceries on plane for delivery – there are so many excellent grocery delivery resources on hand that make returning home during the holidays earlier. I especially like these grocery deliveries for snacks and breakfast staples. 
    • Breakfast the day after you return can feel a little difficult when you’re staring at frozen waffles or the Chick-Fil-A app. Instead, take some time while you’re waiting at the gate or riding shotgun in the car to order groceries that will arrive the same day of your return. I personally order from Thrive Market for at home delivery or order grocery pickup at Whole Foods or Central Market if this works with my travel times! 
    • Use your ordered meals for lunch the first day back. I know that Eat the 80 provides high-quality meals that are easy to access and can be heated up in a flash, all while meeting my VPFC needs. This makes for a stress-free day back from travel with no effort on my part! So many frozen meals or ready to eat dinners are focused on carbs and forget to include a variety of veggies and protein. Meanwhile, Eat the 80 meals include at least two fresh veggies per meal, a lean source of protein and are prepared with healthy fats like ghee or olive oil. No unnecessary excess sodium either!  

eat the 80

Eat the 80 makes traveling less stressful by providing fully cooked meals sent right to your door, all in microwave safe containers. This is an essential tool to consider as we approach the holiday travel season, too! No more grabbing fast food on the way home from the airport or calling a bag of chips dinner due to an empty fridge. Use code WHITNESS for $125 off at checkout or order directly through this link for savings.

The Holidays are coming up quick! If you’re looking for nutrition support and guidance through the holiday season, schedule a discovery call or book a follow up today! 


This blog post was sponsored by Eat the 80 through the creation of a thoughtful partnership with the intention of educating the masses on wholesome health concepts. Whitness Nutrition takes every partnership seriously and Whitney upholds her role of a #honestinfluencer to a high standard. Never hesitate to reach out with comments, questions, or concerns.

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