Whole30 Work Day essentials with Eat the 80

It’s September and you know what that means – September Whole30 Reset! This month is a great time to recommit to healthier habits in both your diet and lifestyle. Whether that may mean discovering foods that cause your body discomfort, or discovering a better way to fuel your body before a workout, or actually enjoying weekly meal prep (I know I do!); these 30 days can change your life. 

September also brings lots of change with a transition back to school and working in the office. During this busy season, it’s important to set yourself up for a successful Whole30 reset to avoid any frustration or fallout!

This can be anything from stocking up at Costco ahead of time, making double portions at dinner to eat for breakfast (no one said Whole30 has to be glamorous!), or setting up a meal delivery service like Eat the 80.

Today, I’m sharing my Whole30 Work Day essentials in partnership with Eat the 80 that keep me equipped for success. But honestly – I use these strategies year round. 

Lunch break essentials

  • Lunch box: Keep your food insulated and at a safe temperature if you’re on the go during the day or just have a long commute. Find one that has enough space for snacks and containers, as well as one that appeals to your eye – you might be more inclined to pack a lunch in a cute box than a plain one! I am a huge advocate of bento boxes, which can be packed in a lunch box and make your snack time all that easier with the pre-divided portions that remind you to keep meals balanced and varied!
  • Hydration: keep your reusable water bottle full by filling it up whenever you can, at the sink, water fountain, you name it! We want to make sure and remain hydrated during the reset to help flush the body of built up toxins and help keep a healthy balance of fluids. I like having sparkling water on hand as well during the Whole30 reset as a refresher, my favorites being Sound and LMNT added to my water – a mocktail must!
  • Coffee: a Whole30 must? A solid cup of coffee or two! You can drink it black, add unsweetened approved nutpods, almond milk, or add cinnamon or vanilla beans to the brew. I also love to keep a cold-brew concentrate on hand, like Chameleon cold brew, especially since they have single-serving cans that you can store in your desk or office fridge! 

Desk Essentials 

  • Blue light glasses: when staring at the screen for 6-7 hours a day (honestly, probably more!) Having a pair in my purse helps me to avoid headaches and eye strain, as well as get better sleep later in the day.
  • A good pen: this may seem like a small detail, but having a good pen can make a bad day turn good. I also like to have a good notepad for the little pieces of information that pop into my head, my favorite personalized ones come from Joy Creative
  • Healthy work breaks: whether you work from home or are back at a desk, take a 15-20 minute break to take a stroll, even better get outside as Vitamin D can help regulate your mood and energy. Don’t have time for a walk? Take five minutes to do some breathing exercises, write in a journal or just listen to music. 

Work Place Food

Whole30 compatible desk-friendly snacks

  • While fresh veggies and refrigerated dips may be my first pick, I know they’re not always the most accessible. So, it’s important to keep your bag, desk and drawers full of options to have as a Whole30 compliant snack – a la “purse jerky.” These are a few pairings that I keep on hand during Whole30 resets that can stay safe at room temp.

Eat the 80 meals

Nothing is worse than when meal time rolls around and you have nothing ready to go, and nothing around you is Whole30 compliant. This causes 1 of 3 situations. 

  1. I skip lunch and I overeat dinner.
  2. I eat a banana and almond butter and wonder why I need 3 snacks the rest of the afternoon to make up for my lack of protein intake 
  3. I fall into the dark abyss of Uber Eats and Favor – not to mention the hangry feeling causes you to justify spending $6.99 on delivery! 

Instead, I’ve created plan B strategies to prevent these failures! I keep my fridge, both at home and at work, stocked with Eat the 80 Whole30 approved meals and those aforementioned shelf-stable snacks on hand that are rich in protein, too. My freezer is also full of these healthy frozen meals and grass-fed meat that can be turned into a hearty meal. 

Prepared meals don’t make you a failure! It’s okay to ask for help and to delegate your health.

Eat the 80 is an excellent option for Whole30 newcomers, graduates and repeaters because they’re constantly changing the meal options to fit the Whole30 approved ingredients all while ensuring you’ll get an incredibly tasty meal. Fully cooked meals are delivered right to your door, with options for everyone in the family. All of their meals are made with grass-fed and antibiotic-free protein, farm-fresh produce and no preservatives, artificial ingredients or added sugar. Their entire menu is gluten-free and only takes 3 minutes to warm up!

Eat the 80 makes Whole30 easy with high-quality, fresh and nutritious meals that can be easily reheated at the office, at home or wherever you may be! What I really love about Eat the 80 is their belief in eating “clean” 80% of the time and 20% of the time approaching eating with a more “lax” approach. Whole30 is a reset, not a life-long diet, and Eat the 80 reinforces that with their mission to provide meals that are clean, healthy and delicious. This September, prepare for long days at work, avoid skipping meals, and reduce the inevitable hanger with  Eat the 80

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