A Food Freedom Group

Okay. Let’s get this off my chest.

I wouldn’t do a Whole30 reset unless I knew that it would eventually end. And, that after reintroduction,  I would have full freedom in my food choices. Plus, I would have even insight about my tolerance of food, emotional eating & ability to handle social dining pressures.

But as of late, I get anxious during each round of Whole30 that I coach. As a practitioner who sees hundreds of patients per year, I see the process abused. I see it being used in ways other than what I found it helpful for. 

<let’s find your food freedom>

 I’m worried that, although you say you aren’t, you’re doing it as: 

  1. A restrictive 30-day diet
  2. for weight loss 
  3. to learn nothing – but test your self-control

But I also know MY reason for doing it- the FREEDOM it brought me (from a nasty elimination diet) and the ADDITION of food it brought me (things I had never heard of for gluten-free/dairy-free options!). So here is my solution: a NEW resource for you.

Scared to approach Food Freedom alone? Don’t. Jump into this month-long community with others in the same boat, as an expert dietitian directs the ship! 

I’m only taking 15 individuals. I really want to invest in you. 


  • Completely transition from reintroduction to food freedom (using the fast track). 
  • Ensure that all reset-specific rules are untangled and liberalized to avoid turning Whole30 into a diet  
  • Address lingering questions from the reintroduction 
  • Develop your unique eating plan; define it and own it. 
  • Complete weekly mindset homework to grow in peace with food. 
  • Participate in four, weekly Facebook live conversations re: food freedom & owning individuality 
  • Gain valuable nutrition insight and pearls from a dietitian who has completed 4 whole30 resets and full reintroduction without an ounce of post-reset remnants of deprivation 

Sign up now!

If this group isn’t for you, I urge you to work with a non-diet HAES dietitian or counselor as you move forward in your goals! 


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