Dietitian-approved Dallas best prepared and frozen meals

Life is busy; I get it. You can’t cook every time; I don’t blame you. But that also doesn’t mean you need to order McDonalds, either. Let’s find you a happy medium! Without further ado, meet the top 10 best Dietitian-approved Dallas best prepared and frozen meals that I use myself and that I refer to patients on the regular. 

The Best Frozen and Prepared Meals 

Dietitian-approved Dallas best prepared and frozen meals

Every week is BUSY, and I use these types of meals every week. I just want to set the standard with transparency and let you know, it’s okay to want/need help.

Dallas Local Prepared Meal Options

1)  Gather Kitchen – New year packages for weekly Whole30 meal options to order for pick-up or for Caviar to deliver. They have breakfast options (Sweet potato toast, hiiiii) too!
2) BrightBox Foods: This retired chef from Abacus’ new concept. The salmon & spaghetti squash dishes, wow! Make a note of Whole30 when you checkout (if you need it). Delivered. Use code BBF2020 for $10 off your first order.
3) Snap Kitchen – This new collaboration meals are epic; Dr. Will Cole. I heart Umami; both a must-try! Use the link for $15 off digital order (order prior and pickup), OR $45 off meal plan *best deal* (multiple “days” although you could use as a single pickup).
4) Territory Foods – If it’s your FIRST order you’ll get $50 off, here
5) Zilch Market–   glass containers and a focus on zero waste. Delivered to doorstep. Specify Whole30 at checkout (if you need it) or email Kathleen to talk diet modification needs.
6) A Table: beautiful season meals that change weekly. All ingredients are listed. Add Whitness Nutrition to note section. They deliver to your doorstep in compostable containers, Dallas locations only.

Options that ship around the nation!

  1. Snap
  2. Factor
  3. Eat the 80 


Dietitian-approved Dallas best prepared and frozen meals

Frozen Healthy Meal Options

1) Grandcestors- frozen at Walmart. The Tikka Masala has a great flavor profile.
2) Paleo on the Go to order frozen – they’re bone broth is delicious!
3) The Good Kitchen –  frozen at WalMart or order with code DALLASDUO on their website too. A great option for travel

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