NEW PROGRAM: I’m a bride, you know!

Another resource is here! I’m so excited to share a new resource for those pursuing a healthier lifestyle, increased knowledge on how to cook for two, as they move towards marriage! I’ve partnered with Bells & Barbells; a Dallas created a wedding-specific fitness concept (that now offers virtual training, worldwide!) to assist brides and their partners in their pre-wedding goals. This isn’t limited to the bride & groom, but the whole wedding party! I would have loved to have an excuse to workout with my bridesmaids every week. 

Now, you know how much I love pursuing lifestyle change. Thus, I am so excited to support this specific population where the presence of crash diets and pressure to be a certain size is so prevalent. I am here to help you pursue a nutritious, sustainable change to benefit marriage for the long haul!

From knowledge to motivation, accountability & interactive webinars; I’ve created

individualized packages that are supportive until you say, “I do!” and really, beyond! Sign up for a free discovery call; we can determine the perfect package for your needs!

Bells & Barbells clients do get an exclusive discount but anyone may apply!

I didn’t crash diet before my wedding. I didn’t skip a single meal. I felt and looked, amazing. I want that same thing for you! Plus, I know the pressure that comes with cooking for someone else; a new set of preferences and tastebuds under one roof. This program sets you up for success; learn tried and true cooking skills that have benefitted not only my own dinner hours but hundreds of happily married patients, too!

Talk soon!

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